Baby Shakespeare is the 4th Baby Einstein video ever made. Most people thought it was made in 2000 but Julie Clark, the founder of Baby Einstein said it was 1999.

In late 2001 they changed the cover of the VHS from Bard the Dragon to a lizard.

Its DVD version was first released in 2000. Here is the version chart.

1999 VHS

2000 DVD/VHS

2001 VHS/VHS with CD

2002 DVD/VHS/VHS with CD

2003/2002 DVD/VHS/VHS with CD

2004 VHS/DVD/VHS with CD

2004/2007 DVD

2010 Discovery Kit

2012 Discovery Kit DVD

Notable Cast Edit

  • Bard the Dragon
  • Sunny the Bunny
  • Tooter the Purple Cow
  • Cud the Cow
  • Tiger
  • Quackumus the Duck
  • Boss Bluebird

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