Isaac the Lion is a Baby Einstein character He is known for drawing the clown character in the beginning of Baby Newton.


Appearance Edit

Isaac is mostly brown and tan-ish in color. He has a brown mane with a part that is rainbow.

Trivia Edit

Isaac is the descendant of Isaac Newton.

His favorite food is apples as stated in the book A Yummy Surprise.

Appearances Edit

  1. Baby Newton
  2. Baby Beethoven
  3. Baby Mozart 10th Anniversary
  4. Baby Vivaldi 10th Anniversary
  5. Numbers Nursery (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  6. Baby Haydn: Musical Celebration
  7. Baby's First Math
  8. Art Time Classics
  9. Baby Handel's Water Music
  10. BayBVGo Remake
  11. Remade Baby Beethoven
  12. Baby Shakespeare's Book Of Words
  13. Baby Shakespeare's Book Of 100 Words